[wow_h3]Hey everybody! Did you know there is another “C” word out there besides “cancer”? [wow_colorme]It’s called CREATIVITY![/wow_colorme] [/wow_h3]
And much like the disease, [wow_colorme]creativity[/wow_colorme] can spread through your body and make a statement about you as a person or organization. I’m always amazed when I come across something that blows the creative lid off the pot and gets me thinking. I actually came across the video below by accident while I was researching a musical artist (Jef Stott). If you need an injection of visual and audio bliss, take a few minutes to watch and listen to this remarkable video.

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When you are shopping for a new car, how many of you would prefer to order a vehicle with everything you want on it or just take what’s available at the dealer’s lot?[/wow_h4] And when you’re cooking a nice meal, do you like to add spices, herbs, etc. to make it tastier or simply add the basic ingredients and eat a tasteless meal?
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This is the same thinking you should put into choosing the company you hire to build your online presence – your web site! Let’s face it; there are tons of choices out there when it comes to web designers and web design companies. Many of them are good and many of them are not.
[highlight]You can have 2 different web designers working on the same base web theme and come out with 2 completely different looking and functioning web sites.[/highlight] Much like the options on a car and the spices in your recipe, it all comes down to creativity and if the company or freelance web designer you hire is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your site is unique and exceeds your expectations.
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I deliver a professional web site to you at an affordable price while starting a lasting working relationship with you or your organization. [wow_colorme]There is a reason why many of Studio 544’s clients come from referrals of existing clients.[/wow_colorme]

Discover the other “C” word for yourself and contact me today to learn more about what Studio 544 Web Design can do for you.