The answers to the questions below will help you to determine what’s involved and what to expect before, during and after the web design project.


This is probably the question you are all asking yourselves and the answer is kind of like a doctor diagnosing a patient over the phone. Most web sites designed by Studio 544 will range in price from $750 – $2000 USD. It really depends on the amount of content and type of features your particular website requires.

No, it’s not necessary for you to already own a domain name before contacting Studio 544 about your project. If you have one, great. If not, this is a service Studio 544 offers and can help set up for you.

When it comes to having a web site, there are 3 main components involved that are a necessity. The first step is registering a domain name. The second is obtaining a hosting account and the third of course is the web site itself. Studio 544 offers very affordable hosting plans starting at under $125/year for most sites.

A good, professional logo is one of the most important branding aspects of any business or organization. It’s what identifies you to the public. Studio 544 can help you with your logo as well as your organization’s corporate identity needs.

Each project is different and it really depends on the amount of content, types of features, how quickly you can provide the necessary content to complete the project and of course your deadline. Some sites can be up in a matter of days while others can take a month or more.

Having a web site without optimizing it for the search engines is like building a swimming pool and neglecting to fill it with water. If you want customers to “jump in”, they need to be able to find your site. All Studio 544 web sites come with basic SEO and for those sites that require something more robust, there are options for that also.


It’s important to take the time to organize the content for your site in a way that will make it easy to convey what you want on the website to Studio 544. Having the textual content in a Word document is a great first step.

Unless you are planning on an all-text web site (not recommended by the way) you will of course want to add a splash of color and images to the site. Some clients provide their own digital photos while others may need to purchase royalty free images online. Studio 544 will help with this process to determine what types and sizes of images are necessary for your project.

If you want to be sure Studio 544 meets the deadline to complete your web site project, it’s vital that you provide all necessary content in a timely manner. In 100% of projects that are delayed with Studio 544, it’s due to the failure of the clients to send the content.

Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. Just because you have a web site does not mean it will start receiving large amounts of traffic immediately. Traffic will depend on a number of things including SEO, popularity of your product or organization and competition within your industry. Most SEO experts give a 3-month rule of thumb when it comes to seeing results from organic search engine optimization.

Having the website is just the first step. Make a mental note in your head to be sure to include the new web site address (URL) in all of your marketing materials including: business cards, letterhead, postcards, newspaper, t-shirts, radio and TV ads if applicable.

The process of designing your company’s or organization’s web site is an exciting time and Studio 544 wants you to have fun with it. It’s always very fulfilling to experience a client’s vision come to life when their new website is launched!

Do You Still Have Questions?

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