Basic Blogging Principles

This question came up today with one of my clients and I have found the answer to be pretty straight forward.
If you have something worth writing about and are willing to take the time to write about it on a regular basis, go for it. If not, what’s the point?
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I have come across so many websites over the years with blog elements on them and am always amazed at how many of them will include 1 or 2 posts a year. Really? I have been guilty about not keeping up with my own Studio 544 blog. Let’s face it. We get busy. Our clients’ projects take precedence over our own and before you know it, months have past without any new postings.
If you’ve made the decision to start a blog or add a blog to your web site, it’s very important to dedicate some time on a regular basis to write your posts and articles that will want people to keep coming back for more.
With that being said, the second point I always make to my clients is if you really want a blog, make sure you have something interesting to write about. Here is a great guide to get you started on your blog: How to write and create great blog content.
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Following these two basic principles can help make your blog more successful and in theory help to drive more traffic to your web site.

If you are thinking of creating a blog site for your business or organization, feel free to contact freelance web designer Mark Lewandowski Studio 544 Web Design in Hutchinson, MN for a FREE quote.