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Let’s face it. Your company or organization’s web site is a big deal and you need to be confident when it comes time to asking your web designer questions about your site. In many cases, your web site will be one of the first things that will identify you to the public when it comes time for them to look at what you offer. You want that first impression to be a good one.
It’s never a bad idea to educate yourself at least a little bit about what is involved in the building of a web site. This will not only help to prepare you for what is to come and what’s expected of you but it will also make it easier for you to help identity how legitimate your web designer’s bid or recommended services are.
For example, you probably wouldn’t walk into a car dealership looking to buy a new car without at least doing some homework regarding specific models, prices, warranties, etc. Why not take this same approach when it comes time to asking your web designer questions.
Over the years, Studio 544 has come across many horror stories from new clients who have had bad experiences with their past web design companies. Many times, poor service is one of the leading complaints for wanting to switch companies but there are also other reasons.

Web hosting for the majority of company’s or organizations should not break the bank and your budget.

Studio 544 offers annual web hosting plans for under $100. Do you really need a dedicated server for your web site or is this just another selling point? While it’s true in some cases that you may need something more robust than a shared server for your web hosting, if this is offered to you in a bid, ask the designer why they recommend it for your web site.
[important title=”Domain Name Registration”]
Another good question to ask your web designer is if they register the domain for you, do you own it or do they?
On several occasions, clients have mentioned this being an issue with other web design companies who will register a domain name for their business and then when the client wants to change web designers, they will be blackmailed by the web company to pay an outrageous price to claim their own domain name. This would NEVER happen with Studio 544. Any domain names we register are yours for as long as you keep them active.