If you’ve been thinking about getting a web site for your business or organization and don’t really know where to begin, one of the first things you should do is figure out what you really need on your site (pages, content, features) and how much you want to spend. The number of people who contact Studio 544 for website design are in the minority when it comes to really knowing what they want and how much a professional web site should cost.
Many of them come to me after they have listened to a “song and dance” routine from other freelance web designers or web design companies who have a tendency to tell them what they should have rather than ask them what they really need and want. This is where Studio 544 is different and quite frankly, this is why I am able to obtain new clients from across the country on a regular basis. I cut through the b.s. and actually take the time to listen to client’s questions and concerns.
Being a small business with a limited budget myself, I understand that not everyone out there can afford a $10,000+ site nor do they need anything like that in most cases. 9 times out of 10, there is a solution out there we can pursue that will fit within your budget and provide you with a clean, professional, easy to navigate website that you can be proud of. Many of Studio 544’s clients are repeat customers or referrals. There is a reason why. Contact Mark Lewandowski at Studio 544 in Hutchinson, MN today to find out for yourself.