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Buddy was a former “resident” of the HMAS

It’s always good business practice to give back to the community whenever possible and Studio 544 believes in supporting great charitable causes like the Heart of MN Animal Shelter in Hutchinson, MN.
The Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter freelance web designer project was an early joint venture between Studio 544 and M. Asay Digital Art. In fact, it was one of the first web design projects for Studio 544.
All time and services were donated to the HMAS. The website has helped many homeless animals find loving homes over the past 10 years and enrich the lives of the families who have been fortunate enough to adopt a pet from the shelter.

Buddy is a perfect example of a successful adoption story at the HMAS. I had the priviledge of adopting Buddy back in 2002 and he was a wonderful gift and addition to our family with the unconditional love he gave us. – Mark Lewandowski

The Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter is devoted to the care of unwanted, stray or abused animals in the form of providing veterinary care, housing and adoption in the McLeod County area. They are further devoted to the education of the public regarding animal care and overpopulation.