Is pay per click advertising right for you? Many of my clients ask me about this at one point or another regarding the promotion of their web site, business and services. The short answer is “It all depends.” I know this may sound vague but you need to ask yourself some basic questions before jumping into pay per click advertising.

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Are pay per click ads right for you?

  • Do I have something special to promote or sell? It’s been my experience over the years that using pay per click advertising to promote a special offer or sale typically works better than using it to simply promote your business in general.
  • Do you have a budget set for your ads? It’s important to have an idea about how much the keywords you want to bid on with your ads will cost. Some keywords are more affordable than others and that discount coupon you may have received in the mail from Google Ad Words can be used up pretty quickly if your keywords are commanding some seriously high bids for decent placement.
  • Do you have the time and knowledge necessary to set up and monitor your ad campaigns? This is where talking with a professional web company or freelance web designer like Studio 544 comes in. A proper ad campaign requires frequent tweaking and adjusting to ensure you are getting the most for your ad budget. With over 10 years of experience in setting up and administering pay per click ad campaigns on both Google and the Bing/Yahoo network, I can take the anxiety out of this for you.

Take advantage of the reports and stats available to you. This is really the best way to analyze your campaign’s performance. I go over all of these points with my clients and encourage them to ask questions and contribute their input. After all, they know their business better than I do so I rely on them in the beginning set up stages to think carefully about what they think will entice someone searching for them online to “take the bait”.

Studio 544 can help generate more traffic to your web sites through the use of pay per click advertising but once they click, it’s up to the content of the site and the quality of the offer that will determine whether or not the site visitor will be converted into a paying customer.

Contact freelance web designer Mark Lewandowski at Studio 544 in Hutchinson, MN today to find out if a pay per click advertising campaign is right for your business or organization.