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Christian Web Designers Beware!

studio 544, web design, freelance web designer, website designer, web site designer, hutchinson, mn, minnesota, twin cities, minneapolis, st. paul, mark lewandowski, seo services, online advertising, online marketing, christian web designers, tips, advice A few months ago, I received a call from a person claiming to be searching for some "Christian web designers" to work on some of his agency's client projects - one of them being a talent-based reality [...]

Backing Up WordPress Sites

mark lewandowski, studio 544, freelance web designer, web design company, freelance web design advice, responsive web design, non profit web designer, wordpress, backups, plugins, reviews Maybe you experienced this painful realization firsthand when you went to visit your web site and noticed something didn't quite look right or even worse - the site was completely down! In the 15+ [...]

Michael Maher Band Hires Studio 544

michael maher band, studio 544, web design, hutchinson, mn, minnesota, twin cities web design, christian rock, music, band sites, worship The Michael Maher Band from Hartland, Michigan is a Christian rock/worship group. They had originally designed their own web site but quickly realized they needed something more professional before they [...]

Studio 544 Web Design Project FAQ Video

studio 544, web design, freelance web designer, hutchinson, mn, minnesota, twin cities, mark lewandowski, web site project faq, video, animation, web design project faq Over the years, Mark Lewandowski at Studio 544 has answered many questions from clients and prospective clients when it comes to their business or organization's web site projects. So much so that he decided [...]

Studio 544 Assists Trappola di Venere

trappola di venere, sara romoli, studio 544, web design, freelance web designer, minnesota, mark lewandowski, hutchinson, mn, corsets, fashion, bustiers, italian clothing New York Fashion Designer Works with Studio 544 Studio 544 Web Design in Hutchinson, MN worked closely with Sara Romoli and her New York-based premium Italian clothing collection Trappola di Venere. The [...]

Studio 544 Launches New Web Site

studio 544, web design, freelance web designer, hutchinson, mn, minnesota, web company, twin cities Welcome to the new home of Studio 544! It's been a long time coming but Studio 544 Web Design in Hutchinson, MN has launched a new web site to better convey the professional web design services offered [...]

Time Management For Freelance Web Designers

This is a tricky topic. If you are a freelance web designer like me at Studio 544, you may have found yourself in this situation before. A prospective client contacts you about designing a web site for them [...]

Blogging 2 – Take the good with the bad…

Well, hopefully all of you spammers out there are happy. After growing tired of sifting through the mounds of ridiculous comments to my postings, I have decided to remove commenting from the Studio 544 blog. [...]