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Freelance Web Designer Advice

freelance web designer, advice, studio 544, web design, mark lewandowski, hutchinson, mn, minnesota Even though I have been doing freelance web design for almost 15 years, there are still many things to learn when it comes to dealing with web clients. For example, if a client contacts you with questions [...]

Twin Cities Polish Festival Gets A Facelift

studio 544, twin cities polish festival This is the fourth year Mark Lewandowski at Studio 544 Web Design in Hutchinson, MN has been involved in promoting one of the most popular cultural events in Minnesota - the Twin Cities Polish Festival. [...]

What is Creativity?

creativity, web design, freelance web designer, studio 544, mn, minnesota, twin cities And much like the disease, can spread through your body and make a statement about you as a person or organization. I’m always amazed when I come across something that blows the creative lid off the [...]

Studio 544 Web Design Project FAQ Video

studio 544, web design, freelance web designer, hutchinson, mn, minnesota, twin cities, mark lewandowski, web site project faq, video, animation, web design project faq Over the years, Mark Lewandowski at Studio 544 has answered many questions from clients and prospective clients when it comes to their business or organization's web site projects. So much so that he decided [...]

Studio 544 Assists Trappola di Venere

trappola di venere, sara romoli, studio 544, web design, freelance web designer, minnesota, mark lewandowski, hutchinson, mn, corsets, fashion, bustiers, italian clothing New York Fashion Designer Works with Studio 544 Studio 544 Web Design in Hutchinson, MN worked closely with Sara Romoli and her New York-based premium Italian clothing collection Trappola di Venere. The [...]

Washington D.C. Personal Training Co. Hires Studio 544

Dawn Anderson from Sand & Steel Fitness in Washington D.C. hired Mark Lewandowski from Studio 544 to design a website for her new personal training business. Sand and Steel Fitness specializes in [...]

French-American Heritage Foundation Hires Studio 544

french american heritage foundation of minnesota The French-American Heritage Foundation of Minnesota contacted Studio 544 in late 2013 to design a web site for their non profit foundation to promote French language and culture in and around the Twin [...]

WordPress.com Hosted Web Sites

studio 544, web design, freelance web designer, mn, twin cities, hutchinson, mark lewandowski, wordpress.com Are you thinking about using Wordpress.com to host your business or organization's web site? Wordpress is a GREAT CMS (Content Management System) and one that I often recommend to my web design clients [...]

Former State Representative Hires Studio 544

stop the sob, senate office building, jim knoblach, mn, minnesota, senate office building, lawsuit, governor, mark dayton, st. paul Former Minnesota State Representative Jim Knoblach is heading up an effort to kill a project to build a $90 million new office building for MN State Senators by bringing a lawsuit against Minnesota [...]

Web Designer Questions

web designer questions, studio 544, web design, freelance web designer, website designer, web site designer, hutchinson, mn, minnesota, twin citie, minneapolis, st. paul, mark lewandowski, seo services, online advertising, online marketing Let's face it. Your company or organization's web site is a big deal and you need to be confident when it comes time to asking your web designer questions about your site. In many cases, your web site will [...]